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Here's some great free short stories. Hope you enjoy these stories. And stop by the author's website and let them know you enjoyed them.

Due to mature content,this site should only be viewed by those 18 years of age and older.

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 Here's some free short stories from
Joey W Hill she is a wonderful E-Book author.
Erotic Romance (Rated E-rotic)
Heart Quest
Erotic Romance (Rated E-rotic)

Annie needs a spiritual break from the world. She goes on a sabbatical by herself in the Blue Ridge Mountains, seeking to reconnect with the magic inherent in life. She finds magic and more, in an enchanted pool that will offer her the chance to embrace magic, as well as love.

The Crush
Contemporary Romance (Rated PG)

High school teacher Resa Davenport has been friends with Principal Tom Brent since the fifth grade. He dated her closest friends, even married and divorced one of them, and he was her shoulder when her husband passed away in his thirties. Now, she's ready to open her heart again, and a recurring dream about a stirring kiss keeps pointing her compass toward Tom. However, she lacks the courage to risk their friendship. Today she may find that courage. Tom is present in her fifth period class to conduct a teacher evaluation when Resa intercepts a note being passed between two students. There's a poem in the note, which incites a discussion of what a "crush" really is, and that short interchange might be the catalyst to push Resa's dreams into reality.

Moonlight Dance
Erotica (Rated E-rotic)

Two couples on a camping trip decide to expand their friendship into a whole new area.

Letitia's Stake
Vampire Romance (Rated PG)

Can a determined woman convince a gorgeous vampire to save a child’s life by sacrificing his own?

The Woodwright's Wife
Vampire Romance (Rated PG)

A Confederate soldier’s widow purchases a damaged bed, intending to restore it, and ends up summoning an erotic creature to restore passion to her soul.

Halloween Knight
Mainstream Fiction (Rated PG)

Sam lost everything important to him on Halloween night, ten years ago. He has spent his teen years trying to reclaim a sense of hope by following the tenets of chivalry. Now, on this Halloween night, he will be plunged back into a situation where his actions will change a life forever.

Thou Shalt Not Suffer
Paranormal Romance (Rated E-rotic)

A jailer offers a condemned witch a way to save her life, and ends up saving her heart.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Contemporary Romance (Rated R)

A fender bender at a snowy intersection brings together a young homeless woman and a carpenter.


Vampire Erotica:
This Scarlet Bliss
Caution Strong Adult Content:

Fuckin' Hardcore - A Vampire Red Short Story
vampire erotica / erotic horror

Drain the Blood- A Vampire Red Short Story
bloodfetish erotica / self-mutilation

The Blood Blog:
bloodfetish erotica / self-mutilation

Dolor for Misdeeds
A Novel by Colby Willen
Jake Connors is a high school coach, a former hero on the football field, and one of Louisville's most famous and well-liked citizens. But when human remains are discovered, Jake's secret threatens to unravel his family and destroy his career, not to mention his life.
Justice is a tricky business especially when the brother of the deceased, an underworld criminal, takes matters into his own hands.
A novel of ideas. A political thriller about secrets.
The secret battle for America's future.
The secret meaning of sprees and sexual fantasy.
Sarah's Price
by R Hopcott Thriller Romance Novel
Sarah's Price is about a beautiful lady with nothing left to lose who risks everything to recover her dream.
Unwelcome Paradise
by Rob Hopcott Thriller Romance
The Griffin’s Heart
By Ron Schwartz Techno-Thriller
by Peter Simon  Spy Thriller
by Bryan Shields  Military Science Fiction Graphic Novel
In the not too distant future, the economic and global prosperty between nations erodes into chaos as the militaries of every country reorganize into one centralized Armed Forces under the United Nations Global Economic Exchange Commission.
Refusing to conceed to the authority of the UN, a rebellious group of military elite vow to protect the right of every nation to defend itself and their military way of life and within no time, wage war with UN Armed Forces. But instead of saving the world from a totalitarian military movement, the rebel army, lead by meglomaniacal war-time general, quickly degenerates into an almost renegade organization. It has become virtually impossible to distinguish the "good guys" from the "bad guys".
Zombie Field is the epic tale of female fighter pilot and her rise to power in the midst of this prolonged, global war. Written in the genre of Satirical Military Science-Fiction, it is not recommended for readers under 18 years of age.

Here's some wonderful short stories from author
Jack, a professional cat burglar, swears this time he's leaving his life of crime behind. His sister is counting on him to keep his word. But when beauty passes by him ripe with trouble, he falls back into his old habits and does what comes naturally. He get's involved in a plot deeper and deadlier than he realizes, a plot that could easily cost him his life.
What is a women to do when her deranged ex-husband won't leave her and her son in peace? Asking for help of a man she loved ten years ago seemed like a bad idea. But when her long-lost love refuses to take no for an answer, Jasmine can only pray that no one else will get hurt as she looks to find the other side of fear.
What if everyone thought you were evil? Would you believe them? Lindy Carlesdale faces that very dilemma when she attends a televised s'eance. Why is the medium convinced she is a demon? Is it because she long ago stopped believing in good and evil, heaven and hell? Lindy must find out the truth before someone tries to do humanity a favor by killing her.
A sour theater-goer is challenged to be entertained by a troupe of actors.
Derek is an architect who would rather tear down a building than have someone other than him dictate the design. So when CIA plays dirthy tricks and destroys one of his creations, look out! Miriam, Derek's wife and part time data dealer, has put her team together and, with her husband, is out for revenge.

Vision by N.D. Hansen-Hill
Paranormal Suspense
The blind illusion of logic bent,
Clarity strewn when reason went,
Torqued and bloodied thoughts adrift
A truth-entangled genetic rift.
So, clear the head and fill the mind
As past and present are left behind,
Blow the then and blast the now,
History shorn in a shattered vow.
Enter the beasts and demon spawn
To manipulate the naive pawn,
Genetic mayhem and twisted schemes
Cursed in parabnormal dreams
Where prophecy rules the first is last
Death reverts to life aghast,
Insanity reigns - there lies the fault,
Only murd'rous mayhem can force a halt.
Science Fiction:
Alien Beach by A.R.Yngve
Science Fiction
What might have happened if aliens had visited our world, the real world, today? What would NOT happen?
On the little Pacific atoll called ALIEN BEACH, a group of men and women come face to face with the amphibian visitors from space.
They must learn to understand these enigmatic visitors, before the planet is thrown into a war that cannot be won... and in doing so, find themselves.
Harmony and Matching by Douglas P. Wilson
Social Science Fiction / Romance

Star Chronicles: The Adventures of Kurtis Star
by Daren K Henderson

The Ghost of Alma Matterson
by Kevin Delaney Science Fiction/Fantasy

Here's some free short stories from In The Buff magazine.
These are eorica stories...

Author Linda Bleser:
First Love by Linda Bleser
Just holding the record in her hand made her feel like a teenager again, alive with romantic innocence and the thrill of young love. She switched on the microphone. “Here’s an old favorite going out to Tiffany from Chuck, and anyone else out there who has ever experienced the sweetness of first love.”

The Fork in the Road by Linda Bleser
She looked around, hoping a gas station would suddenly materialize, but all she could see was woods, woods, and more woods. Her hands clenched around the vibrating steering wheel. "Please God," she prayed. "Just get me back to civilization before this clunker gives out for good and I'll never ask for another thing again."
Prince of Dreams by Linda Bleser

Romance Stories:
Destiny's Pirate:
A time-travel story by Kim Comeaux

It started out as a boring novelty cruise in Caribbean,
but it would end up being so much more! Read the exciting
adventures of Destiny as she gets thrown back into time and
into the arms of a dashing pirate!

Wish Upon a Star: by Kim Comeaux

Experience the incredible journey of Kristy Kendrick
as she journeys back through time and meet the man of her
dreams.  But what will happen when she is presented with the
choice to go back home or stay in a century she doesn't belong in?

Forever More : by Rosemary Starn (Adult Content)

1970s rock and roll idol Scott Taylor was breathing a small sigh of relief. He had parted with the headlining band that had brought him notoriety and a very comfortable life-style to pursue a solo career. His personal life had settled also. A mistake of a first marriage and subsequent relationships were in the past as he now enjoyed stability with the one woman who he not only shared his home but also his love of living.

    Then Rebecca came into his life. He was not looking when he found her. An artist. The widowed mother of two young sons. It was not a situation that he would have considered. But before he was aware she and her children had unwittingly worked their way into his heart.

Interior Motives: by Diane Maxwell 
Contemporary Romance

Fool me once shame on you...

Rose Anderson had everything she ever wanted; a promising career as one of todays top Interior Designers...head-over-heals in love with the man of her dreams -- and then her wonderful world shattered before her very eyes; the man she adored had been a sham all along, an opportunist out to use her talent.

It was a bitter pill to swallow, but after picking herself up and dusting herself off, she vowed she'd never be that naive again.

fool me twice...

Michael St. Lawrence was one of industry's leading Restoration Architects who prided himself on a job done his way. Rose was perfectly prepared to bunk heads about who was boss when he took the commission for restoring Huntington House, but not the instant sizzling attraction between them that threatened her last chance of proving herself.

Well this time her heart wouldn't cloud over reason. Nope, she wouldn't walk that same destructive path twice in one lifetime -- no matter how much Michael's kiss promised to prove her wrong...or how much her heart ached to take another chance...

Free e-book reads. These are in (pdf format) There's some awasome  authors.
My Lucky Charmer by Patrice Michelle
An unlucky woman’s life turns around the day after she ditches her sexy blind date. (Romance)
Night Rhythm by Charlene Teglia
Valentine waited centuries for his lost love to be reborn. But now that he's found her, can he persuade her to love him again? (Erotic Romance ~ Vampire)
Midnight Blues by Lynn Viehl
Lonely vampire cop fights to save human nun from immortal sadist who wants them both. (Dark Fantasy)
Short stories from the old SL Viehl
Story by SL Viehl
Under A Midnight Moon by Cora Zane
After their two Werekind packs merge into one, Chase Tillman spots Betsey at a party and learns territory isn't the only thing worth fighting over. (Erotic Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter, Werewolf Fiction, Adult)

Stroke It by Cassandra Curtis
Erotic romance writer recouperates at luxury hotel after grueling book tour and gets the massage of a lifetime by handsome massuer with a secret technique. (Erotic Paranormal Romance Short Story)
Jasfoup's Dribbles by Rachel Green
100 collected drabbles that examine the lives and loves, and sardonic humour, of the demon Jasfoup and his almost-mortal friend Harold. (Satire, Humour, Dark Fantasy)
Going Back by Jenny Aspin
Something snaps and you make choices that will turn your life upside down. New experiences await, now you're living and there's no going back.
One on One by Sandra Barret
In a competition between conscience and libido, will anyone get the girl in the end? (Romance)
The Horse Master by Joely Sue Burkhart
The Horse Master leaves the stables to tame his High Queen. (Fantasy Romance)
The Office Mercenary by Molly Burkhart
A dark satire about the perils of office work and the depths to which we stoop to survive it.
By Shelia Kelly
To See You With by Zoe Cannon
A woman breaks free of her family’s curse… or does she? (Horror)
The Weaveling, by Dean Cochrane
Olivia has killed her husband. To escape the hangman, she must enter a dark world, and things take a turn for the weird. (Dark Western Fantasy)
A Matter of Tradition by Andria Davis
Bryane spent five years in exile before the King's death drew her home - into the hands of a murderer. (Fantasy)
The Familiar’s Witch by A.E. Dillings
Unsuspecting young woman helps friends, finds true destiny, studies witchcraft, fights hell hounds, while trying to break curse. (Urban Fantasy)
Moonlit Desire Anthology by Becca Furrow
Escape into the dark with three short paranormal romances. (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
PSI by Lazette Gifford
Two strangers join forces to stop a madman from creating chaos on Terra Nova...but can they keep their own dangerous secrets hidden? (Science Fiction)
Trick or Treat by Rachel Gossett
Even though Aidan was born into a family of magic, he denies its existence. That is, until it becomes too hard to deny. (Fantasy)
Left Turn, by Samantha Gossett
Left turn: Technique for successfully negotiating a maze, no matter who or what is in there with you. (Fantasy)
Unforgiven Pleasure by Tempest Knight
In the war between the Sentinels and the night creatures, the unforgiven pleasure will start with a kiss. (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
Demon Rescuer by Racy Li
A touch telepath whose ability fades the more she trusts. Only strangers can be trusted...Still, there's something odd about this mystery man... (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
Dark of the Day by Selah March
She's dying, and wants to take the easy way out. His mission is to convince her to her keep fighting. Can he do it? Or will she choose death over love? (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
Kelsey's Secret by Jennifer Macaire
After a car accident that cost her life, a woman wakes up in a little girl's body. (Science Fiction)
DayStrider by Jaye Patrick
Preternatural hunter and the human cop who hates her, hunt a serial killer monster... who is waiting for her. (Dark Fantasy)
Vampire Mom to the Rescue by Victoria L. Pierce
A soccer mom becomes Vampire Mom then tries to save her family from being murdered with the help of the man who turned her. (Paranormal Romance)
Three and a Half Lines by Megan Powell
An Edo woman longing for divorce is spurred to action by a strange friendship. (Fantasy)
The Frain Legacy by Darlene Ryan
Reid Frain got the family charm, talent, and great hair genes. Will he have to commit murder to get the rest of The Frain Legacy? (Mystery)
Museum Rendezvous by Lia Sebastian
When Olivia attends a museum opening, she isn't expecting to meet a man...or to enjoy an evening rendezvous. (Erotic Romance)
Jungle Heat by Sydney Somers
When a hunt for a priceless medallion turns deadly, the only person Calypso Reed can count on is the one man she wants to forget. (Adventure/Romantic Suspense)
The Big Girl's Guide to Buying Lingerie by Amie Stuart
After a disastrous marital near-miss Jade Ballard cuts herself off from her family’s country club lifestyle, taking comfort in food and eventually, the safety of an internet love affair. (Erotic Romance)
Exposed by J.A. Terry
A gripping tale of what happens when two souls collide and their worlds explode. (Romantic Suspense)
The Last Man on Earth by Raine Weaver
Iris and Russell just might become lovers--if they can get past the misunderstandings, a possible alien visitation, and the Apocalypse... (Romance)

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down by Sierra Dafoe

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Take Me by Michele Bardsley

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Flash Fiction from the Changeling Bar & Grill

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Moose by Shelby Morgen

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Red Lights by Jade Buchanan

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GrimJustin 2.37 DeServed by Fiona Jayde

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Sex With a Warrior by Marteeka Karland

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Wolfy by Kate Hill

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Victorian Delight by Alice Gaines

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The Agreement by Elayne S. Venton

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Hunger by Elizabeth Jewell

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Dancer by Lexxie Couper

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Service With a Smile by Mary Winter

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Due to mature content,this site should only be viewed by those 18 years of age and older.

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